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more concerned about the weapons. i think i saw some assault style rifles in there. >> reporter: they -- yes, you saw the assault weapons but ironically what they were most concerned about was this 50 gauge rifle they had. that was the one that military snipers use and they said that actually has more fire power and they were more concerned about that. but the assault rifles got a lot of attention. >> thank you, ann notarangelo. two of the bay area's busiest bart stations could be getting a multi-million dollar makeover. kpix 5 reporter phil matier shows us the plans to break up a bart bottleneck. >> reporter: bart is growing around the nine bay area counties but here in downtown san francisco is where they are really feeling the pinch. here's the story. for years, bart ridership has been growing to the point where now 400,000 riders daily use the commuting system and nowhere is that felt more strongly than at the embarcadero and montgomery
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street stations in san francisco. >> 40% of our trips each day either begin at embarcadero or montgomery. >> reporter: the biggest problem is getting the riders on and off the trains at rush hour without backing up the whole system. and that's why bart is laying tracks for this massive expansion with new underground platforms on both side of the trains complete with sliding glass doors. so that we would -- you would load on to this train from here and on that side as well? >> either that or you could -- everyone loads this way and exits the other way. it's much more fast and smooth. >> reporter: they would also add more escalators. >> we want to make them high speed. that's key, high speed escalators get people up and out quickly. >> reporter: in the meantime, you may see some things disappear, as well. >> look at this. there's not on a phone booth here. let's just get them out. these seats, eight feet wide. it's precious space. we can do something much more narrow and fit a lot more people. >> reporter: how crowded does it get down here? >> really crowded. i have to stand and sweat on the train every night. >> reporter: what do you think
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of the idea of adding another platform over there. >> i think that would be great. >> reporter: why? >> because you can get more ridership. >> reporter: but it's not going to come cheap. the cost, about $900 million. will this mean higher fares? >> it could mean higher fares, yeah. it might mean higher fares at that station, too. >> reporter: it's going to take a couple of years to get the funding because there's competition. let's not forget that bart also wants to go to san jose and expand elsewhere. it's going to be interesting, liz, in that they do start this, what they are going to do is tunnel it all underground just like the central subway and keep bart running and then at the very end break out those walls and have a whole new station. it ought to be something to see. >> absolutely. anything that's going to ease that commute every day, got to work. thank you. >> reporter: it's worth a shot. >> absolutely. thanks, phil. when you think of what causes bay area gridlock you think of accidents, there's construction of course, and weather. but now as kpix 5 reporter john
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ramos explains, there's an expensive new problem adding to the slowdowns. >> reporter: sitting in freeway traffic may feel like time stolen from your life and in some cases that's exactly what is happening. >> stuck right here. >> reporter: copper thieves have stolen the wires along the section of highway 238 in castro valley. that's knocked out the warning lights and messages on this on- ramp. in other areas they have blacked out metering lights causes freeways to clog up with cars. >> it's serious when you figure that over the past seven years, caltrans statewide has spent $27 million replacing copper wire that's been stolen. >> reporter: half of that damage, $2 million every year occurs right here in the bay area. repairs can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace 10 0 bucks of copper at the resicker will. >> it costs time in time, productivity, frustration.
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people are paying a price far beyond the $2 million every year. >> reporter: this crew is replacing the old box with the metal topped one that can be welded shut. it's really just an effort to slow the thieves down. >> take about couple hours to cut the welding. >> reporter: you think it's going to work? >> so far it's worked. >> reporter: caltrans won't talk about the other strategies it's pursuing with law enforcement. but they are asking the public to report anyone working on the roadway who doesn't look legit. it's in everybody's interests, they say, because it's no secret who is going to pay for all this. in castro valley, john ramos, kpix 5. developing news out of concord. a 14-year-old was rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car this afternoon. it happened at the intersection of solano way and grant street about 1:30. the intersection is blocked off for the afternoon and early evening. it may be blocked off for another hour. the teenaged boy was in
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critical condition. we are told the driver is cooperating with police. crews in san bruno cleaning up a big mess after caltrain slammed in a big rig. that happened about 2:30 this afternoon on angus avenue. the truck driver says he tried backing up after approaching a bridge that didn't have enough clearance. but he was blocked by cars behind him and then you guessed it, within just a minute a southbound train was closing in. no injuries in the collision. right now, caltrain is single tracking it around the scene. there are about 30-minute delays. a rude awakening for some concord residents after vandals slashed at least 60 car tires up and down the street. it happened on bel air, glazier and machado drive in concord's valley district. kpix 5 reporter don ford tells us neighbors were hit more than once. reporter: salvador gonzalez owns five vehicles and he woke up yesterday morning and found nearly all his tires were slashed. his wife raquel says they lost 12 tires. >> and then our truck, too, and another van too, that my husband, you know, changed the
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tires already because we need the vans for work. >> reporter: concord police say someone slashed the tires on over 60 vehicles in three different neighborhoods. neighbors tell me that number is climbing and could reach as many as 80 cars. neil harris is having his car towed. he lost three tires and considers himself lucky. >> the man across the street lost four truck tires and his car tires too. might come him $1,700 or whatever. >> reporter: destruction is everywhere. beth baker drives a large suv. >> it actually costs over $1,000 to get ours replaced. they're big tires. >> reporter: with over 200 tires slashed in one night, the damage estimates could easily exceed $30,000. local big o tire was swamped as they helped people get back on the road. >> this morning at 9:00, tow trucks pulled stuff in. >> reporter: the manager believes an ice pick was used: he says the tired cannot be
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patched. >> once you have a puncture in the side wall you can no longer fix it. the tire is not usable. >> i hope they catch whoever did it. they hurt all people. >> reporter: police say only that the incident is under investigation. in concord, don ford, kpix 5. firefighters are called out to put out a car fire in hayward. mercedes-benz caught fire in a parking lot on a street. that smoke could be seen for blocks around. it took firefighters about an hour to douse the flames. in san francisco, fire crews rescued a man stuck on a cliff at baker beach today. fire officials say the young man climbed up the rocks on the north end of the beach and then couldn't get down. they rappelled down this afternoon and got him. there were no injuries. right now tasers are the topic at a community meeting in san francisco. police are talking about a proposal to equip some officers with those stun guns. the police commission is
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expected to consider the proposal sometime after tonight's gathering in the bayview which is the last of three community meetings. we're told the topic is not on any upcoming agendas yet. the murder charges have been filed against the ex-l.a. cop still on the run. no sign of christopher dorner and now police are using a million-dollar reward to try and entice dorner to give himself up. randy paige has the details. >> reporter: police are asking you to take a close look at this photo of christopher dorner taken by a security camera on january 28. this is the most recent photograph of the suspected killer. police are asking that you focus on this photo in order to increase the quality of the tips that are pouring in. 700 so far and counting. if you think you have spotted him, don't go near him. >> we're reminding the citizens of los angeles that this is a very dangerous individual.
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he has demonstrated that he has no issue with killing people, completely innocent people. and so if you see this individual, that is a 911 call if you see him. >> reporter: the $1 million reward is being offered to anyone who provides the information leading to his capture and conviction and that includes dorner's family. in fact, that message is going out to christopher dorner, as well. >> if mr. dorner would like to see a member of his family get a million dollars, he could make that happen, couldn't he? >> absolutely. the reward that is out there right now is for anybody who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of christopher dorner. if christopher's mom were to turn in her son today, we would be more than happy to facilitate that, then i'm quite certain that she would be entitled to that reward. you know, again, i don't say that i jest. we'll do whatever it takes to have him surrender. we would love for this end in a peaceful manner and then deal with this issue in the courts.
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>> that was randy paige reporting from los angeles. coming up, a kpix 5 exclusive. you will see how a skydiving jump can go wrong. a bay area man in a near freefall from 13,000 feet survivors. his gopro camera reported the terrifying plunge. >> how apple fans might tap into a device someday making them like james bond. >> the south bay may take the cake temperature-wise. find out when you may be close to 70 coming up.
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this is welcome news for a company criticized for its lack of innovation, following the death of steve jobs. but kpi apple stock is up tonight thanks as to speculation for a
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smart watch. they are criticized for lack of innovation following the death of steve jobs. but kpix 5 reporter mike sugerman asked, how much can you possibly do with something as small as a watch? >> reporter: anybody know what time it is? 5to 20. does anybody really know what time it is? do you know what time it is? >> 1:58. >> reporter: 1:58. okay. >> reporter: we do know chances are it's because you looked at your smartphone. watches? not so much. is that about to change? >> so a bunch of rumors cropped up this week that apple might be testing out an iwatch. >> reporter: molly wood who by the way wears a watch for style thinks it could be called a watch but think more a remote control for your iphone vie. >> bluetooth. >> people say it could be some sort of curved display that would obviously be high style as is apple fashion and it might somehow interact with your phone. >> reporter: don't think dick tracy so much nor inspector gadget. working controls and buttons on such a small screen could be a
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problem. >> that's a good question what you would be able to do with it. there's a lot of speculation. presumably you might be able to look at your contacts. you might be able to text. maybe it will monitor your health. >> reporter: and hopefully with less lip flap than our skype conversation with larry magid have. there have been such attempts before. >> metta watch strata is the first smart sport watch for smartphones. >> reporter: metta watch raised money on the site kick-start. >> this is pebble. >> reporter: as did another such idea pebble. apple seems to be a bit behind the curve if in fact it really is in the iwatch game. these are just reports and apple has no comment. >> the miraculously sometimes there are leaks and it gets people talking about them like we're doing. and apple thrives on that. >> reporter: even if true it could be two years before you might get one. mike sugerman, kpix 5. a skydiving jump goes terribly wrong. the parachute malfunctioned at
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13,000 feet. the skydiver's gopro camera shows his out-of-control fall and the hard landing that he survived. it's a story you will only see on kpix 5. it happened on gerardo flores' 30th jump. >> look up to see the plane have a point of reference. >> reporter: flores felt confident after two years of training at the skydive monterey bay school. >> you just feel like you're flying. >> reporter: but seconds into his freefall he felt a jerk. >> it just exploded, just threw me to the side. something went wrong. >> reporter: his parachute had opened on its own at 13,000 feet. >> it's super high. 100 things go through your mind. >> just opened up at 13,000 feet. >> you never open above 6,000 feet. >> reporter: talking to his camera, you hear him thinking out loud. >> still have plenty of time. just opened up. >> reporter: deciding whether
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to cut loose. >> i said wait a minute. if i fall right now what if the reserve doesn't open? >> reporter: he doesn't realize how much trouble he's in. >> i can see the drop is way down there. and that's all i remember. >> reporter: for unknown reasons, flores passed out. 20 minutes later he crashes into the drop zone. teachers from the school rush to his aid. >> call 911! ambulance! >> reporter: they were able to get him airlifted to a hospital. flores was unconscious for two weeks suffered broken ribs and a lacerated tongue, but survived. >> the faa he said you are the luckiest man i ever met. >> reporter: but flores didn't feel so lucky when he read the faa's report. the agency investigates skydiving accidents. >> just opened up. >> reporter: the report found a critical velcro closing flap on the parachute casing was completely worn and the par
6:17 pm
shoeed's rigging had knots prompting the inspector to note these lines should have been replaced on the parachute's rigging. >> i could have died that day. >> reporter: flores relived the terrifying moments when he finally got his gear back from investigators along with the camera that recorded his fall. >> oh, my god. i can here myself choking. >> reporter: skydive monterey refused our request for an interview. an industry expert found cause for concern. >> that's disturbing. >> that man is dr. craig stapleton. he clocked more than 8,000 jumps as a member of the u.s. par shooting team. later in the newscast his surprising comments on an industry with very little oversight. our weather is spectacular. >> stunning, wonderful. >> how much time did you plan
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on spending outdoors in february? compare that to how much time we have spent outdoors. we need the rain and we need the snow in the mountains but yet, you can just go outside and enjoy the sunshine, too, because it's there for the taking we have ourselves another clear night and chilly. in the mid-30s in san jose but look at the highs today. napa 68. february 11, are you kidding me?! oakland 68 degrees. richmond 65. san francisco 63 before a sea breeze kicked in. concord 63. livermore 61. no rainfall on the radar nor will there be for a while because the high pressure dome that gave us the sunny mild weather today is not moving. it is stuck off to our west. it might be a word you would use if you want the rainfall but you would be happy if you want sunshine to know the high pressure dome is going to get
6:19 pm
closer and have more influence. as the high passes closest to us on friday many of you in the south bay like san jose, los gatos, los altos may hit 70 on friday and everybody will be in the mid- to upper 60s for the back half of the week. so not as cold at night. we'll still be in the upper 30s but not near freezing by the end of the week. close to 70 degrees by friday and it's all about the sunshine. highs tomorrow pretty close to normal. low 60s is where we should be this time. year. it's why we live in northern california. 61 livermore. san rafael 61. mid-60s wednesday, thursday, friday the upper 60s with sunshine. onshore flow over the weekend will drop the temperatures back two or three degrees but i really don't see much of a pattern. what i'm looking at now is when is that high going to move and get a storm to give us some rainfall? right now the answer to that question is not over the next 10 days. i don't see it happening.
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valentine's day? maybe dinner outside. >> perfect. >> get an early -- why not? >> it's february. >> why not? >> yeah, right. >> thanks. >> i'm hoping to find like a sense of relief, but usually that exact opposite thing happens. >> the downside of doing your own medical research. the risks when you're feeling sick and you go searching the web. >> the countdown to the opening of the new bay bridge span is on. kpix 5 is proud to be the official television station for the opening ceremonies in september. and we will be keeping you posted on the plan for the big day. >> and tomorrow night tune into spanning the future, the new bay bridge. ken bastida and our team of reporters look ahead to the labor day closure and the grand opening plans. the prime time half-hour special starts at 10:30 tomorrow right here on kpix 5.
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your symptoms... to figure out what's wrong? dr. kim says, don't do it! w trying to self well you feel sick so what do you do? maybe google your symptoms to figure out what's wrong? dr. kim says, don't do it. why trying to self-diagnose can backfire on you. >> can find out a gazillion things wrong with you if you wanted to. >> aneurysms, cancer, all that stuff. i feel like i'm a doctor sometimes. >> reporter: from the common cold to the rarest most exotic diseases the internet is filled with information about every possible ailment. for a growing number of people all that information may pose a greater health danger than what might actually ail them. >> it's like hypochondria triggered by the internet. >> reporter: it's called cyber- chondria when people self diagnose and stress out. >> my left arm was numb and sore. the first thing that showed up
6:24 pm
i'm having a heart attack. >> the fear kind of just keeps the getting escalated. >> reporter: by the time people see a doctor, based on what they have read online they think the worst. >> that's the risk which is there by using all these random searches. >> reporter: 28-year-old lisa locke says she cannot stop. with each symptom there is another behind it and more. it goes on and on. >> i'm hoping to find like a sense of relief but usually the exact opposite happens. i'm stressing myself. do i have this or that? >> reporter: locke has diagnosed herself with everything from heart disease to momentum but there's never been anything wrong with her other than the stress and anxiety she suffers from self- diagnosing. >> i have gotten yelled at by numerous people in my family. >> reporter: they may exaggerate symptoms. that may lead to improper care and delay in treatment. they may not even want to see a
6:25 pm
doctor. >> the internet benefits outweigh the perils. nothing is better than a real doctor. >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill, kpix 5. coming up in our next half hour, the first pontiff to step down in 600 years. why pope benedict xvi is resigning and reaction from bay area parishioners. >> you might want to check your credit report. how often mistakes happen and why they can be so tough to correct. >> and for the second part of our exclusive kpix 5 story about the skydiving accident, the faa investigation and an industry expert's surprising comments.
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that hasn't been done in 600 years. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald and now at 6:30, pope benedict xvi is doing something that has not been done in 600 years, resign. the 85-year-old pontiff said that he will step down at the end of the month after nearly 7 years as pope because he is simply too old to carry on. in a statement, the pope said, after having repeatedly examined my conscience before god, i have come to the certainty that my strengths due to an advanced age are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the petrine ministry and now the catholic
6:29 pm
church is faced with finding a replacement just before the holiest season. kpix 5 reporter len ramirez in santa clara with what bay area catholics would like to see in a new leader. len. >> reporter: well, they would obviously like to see some changes happen in the catholic church. the catholic church church is an old institution and the california missions are a symbol of the church's spread from europe to the new world more than 200 years ago. the church is spreading quickly in the third world. and so there's a lot of speculation around here that there might be a new pope from one of these regions, africa, asia or south america. reporter: at the vatican tonight preparations are being made to convene a meeting of the college of cardinals to elected -- to elect a new pope like the sudden and unusual retirement of pope benedict xvi, the selection of a new spiritual leader for the world's 1.2 billion catholics could offer some breaks with tradition. >> you have a number of cardinals now who are from africa, south america and asia. i think it would not be a shock if we had somebody from one of those places.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: santa clara university's father michael mccarthy says the cardinals have always at least in the last several centuries picked a european priest. but this time, those considered top contenders are from around the world and third world including: >> it's always a mystery what the college of cardinals thinks when they gather. but i do think that they are aware that catholicism is increasingly becoming a global reality. >> reporter: many parishioners coming to saint joseph's cathedral in san jose are praying for the cardinals and hoping that the new pope will usher in a new era for catholics. >> i'd like to find a person that can keep some of our old traditions but also be progressive and maybe have women priests and sort of the
6:31 pm
new changes that people want. >> reporter: the san francisco -- a lot is being said about the timing of the announcement before the season of lent. the most important season on the calendar for catholics a season of renewal or rebirth. it's also believed that maybe this is the pope trying to say something trying to give a message to the cardinals as he passes the reins to another pope. >> ash wednesday coming up this week. thank you, len ramirez. a bad credit report could cost a loan or job and now we are learning 40 million americans have a mistake on their credit reports. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains it may be nearly impossible to fix. >> my credit history is still reflecting a foreclosure. >> reporter: an erroneous
6:32 pm
foreclosure on a credit report resulted in four years of frustration for martha de jesus that eventually prevented her interest refinancing her mortgage. >> i was denied because i had foreclosure in my history. and i told him that my home was not foreclosed. >> reporter: she is not alone. according to the federal trade commission, one out of five consumers has an error on a credit report and a recent "60 minutes" investigation reveals it's nearly impossible to convince the credit agencies to fix them. >> the federal law says that if you believe that there is a mistake, they have an obligation to do a reasonable investigation. >> reporter: but ohio's attorney general says that's not happening. >> they are not doing a reasonable investigation. they are not doing an investigation at all. >> reporter: and "60 minutes" may have uncovered why. former credit reporting agency employees in places like india and the philippines admit to correspondent steve kroft they had no email, internet or any way to investigate consumer disputes. the attorney general has opened the investigation but in the meantime it's up to consumer to be pro-active.
6:33 pm
check your credit report at to won't give you your score but it's the only truly free report and it will reveal errors including id theft, unauthorized credit cards and, yes, faulty foreclosures. we helped resolve ma martha's error by going to the company responsible, wells fargo. they believe that it should be the responsibility of the credit agency. >> they cannot seem to get it right. >> reporter: now, ma that called our hotline for help and here's a great example of why you should check your report once a year. only 20% of people do. but beware, sites like are not actually free. they are revenue makers for the credit reporting agencies which also charges you for free reports on their sites. annual credit report is the only truly free one. >> sometimes you have to pay for your fica score and that might be worth it sometimes to
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know that score. >> reporter: absolutely. it's not bad to pay for the report. you just don't want to accidentally sign up for recurring charges which happens on these sites. president obama getting ready to deliver his fourth state of the union address. the white house says tomorrow's speech will serve as a book end to the inaugural address. a sign the president will touch on priorities such as immigration reform and reducing gun violence but the main thrust of the speak will be on so-called pocketbook issues. >> the core emphasis that he has always placed in these big speeches remains the same and will remain the same, which is the need to make the economy work for the middle class because the middle class is the engine that drives this country forward. >> kpix 5 will air the president's state of the union address live tomorrow starting at 6 p.m. flocks of birds leaving behind health hazards. the tactic in one bay area
6:35 pm
community to get rid of the geese. >> spinning, spinning into final for 20 minutes. and you hit the ground. >> his parachute opened too early and improperly but that's not all. why the faa report on his accident is what he says really bothers him.
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
a city in the east bay. the problem is the mess the birds leave behind at a public park. so now, k-p-i-x 5 reporter a wild goose chase may soon end for a city in the east bay. the problem is the mess the birds leave behind at a public park. so now kpix 5 reporter patrick sedillo tells us the city has hired some four-legged friends to tackle the issue. >> we have had a herd of geese that have actually been growing throughout the years and the sports user group, the little league and soccer players, the families are concerned with the goose droppings. >> reporter: so the city of dublin called in four paw, a goose control company run by vicki and denise.
6:38 pm
>> started out of necessity for both denise and myself. we had regular corporate jobs. and they went out of state. >> reporter: so they started a new business helping chase off the geese, like dublin sports park. >> anywhere from 250 to 300 and that is dropping as we use the dog patrol. we are seeing less and less geese returning to the park. >> away, away! >> reporter: as soon as the geese spotted the car they took off in a hurry, so fast we could barely catch them on camera. the dogs chance and shelby had already been working that kylie took a year to train. this is amazing video shelby is walking this injured goose out of harm's way into safety. >> they are protected those birds by federal law. this is a technique that's allowed. it is a way to deter and harass them without physically harming them. >> reporter: for these two entrepreneurs things are looking up. their business started by chance is growing. >> we do a business complex out in walnut creek. we also have a golf course that we are going to be starting.
6:39 pm
and we do another business complex in emeryville. >> reporter: if you think you can just start a business like this yourself, a word of caution. these are highly trained licensed and bonded professionals. patrick sedillo, kpix 5. this skydiver's parachute failed because of among other things worn-out velcro. coming up, the second part of our kpix 5 investigation into how something like this could happen at 13,000 feet. >> good evening to you, meteorologist paul deanno with the forecast that continues to be dry, driest start on record for a year in many locations including oakland. when will we see rainfall? that's coming up next. >> have you seen the warriors' new uniform? it's -- different! i'm dennis o'donnell and a former 49er quarterback tries to resurrect a career of the
6:40 pm
raider quarterback jamarcus russell coming up.
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in real time.. the terrifying moments all caught on the
6:43 pm
ju earlier in this newscast we showed you a skydiving accident in realtime. the terrifying moments all caught on the jumper's gopro video. it happened in a popular destination for bay area thrill seekers and world tourists. in part 2 of our exclusive kpix 5 report, an faa report sheds light on some aspects of the industry that you may not have ever considered. >> are you guys excited? >> yes. >> reporter: dozens of customers a week come to skydive monterey bay, a school that promises the highest jumps with panoramic views. after a 20-minute safety session, they are suited up and off they go. beginners jump in tandem with teachers for safety. but gerardo flores wishes he could warn them about what happened to him. >> the chute opened. >> reporter: last summer when he was taking his 30th jump at the school, his parachute
6:44 pm
opened prematurely and improperly sending him into a tailspin. >> so you're spinning, spinning into a final for 20 minutes and hit the ground. about 35 to 40 miles per hour. >> reporter: flores suffered head injuries and fractured ribs but what's really bothering him now is this: an faa report on his accident that found some of his rented gear was worn beyond serviceable limits. skydive monterey bay turned down our request for an interview but this industry expert told us -- >> my real problem was him wearing the video camera. >> it can be a distraction, usda recommends at least 100 skydives for a video camera. >> reporter: dr. craig stapleton has clocked more than 8,000 jumps as a member of the u.s. parachuting team. >> it's a dangerous sport. you're jumping out of an aircraft in flight and that's part of the thrill but that lures people to the sport. >> reporter: he says when you jump you take on the risk and liability and 99.99% of the time, according to the latest
6:45 pm
statistics, you will survive. but after reading through the faa's reports, stapleton admitted a worn-out main velcro flap on the parachute container is disturbing. >> it covers that area where the deployment system is situated. so it makes it easier for things to run into that pin to knock that pin that keeps the container closed. >> reporter: as for knots in the rigging ropes? >> another disturbing issue. >> reporter: who is checking the gear? an faa certified rigger who may also be an employee of the company. >> the faa doesn't have a parachute department. >> reporter: the agency can conduct random visits to the schools but -- >> essentially unless they bring a rigger to the drop zone and pull every rig off the shelf there is no way to inspect. >> reporter: he says it's self- regulation something he believes the industry does a good job with. that doesn't reassure flores. >> i put my trust -- i put my life on the line trusting the school. never again. >> skydive monterey bay says
6:46 pm
flores' possible distraction from using that camera combined with his improper techniques led to his accident. we have posted the school's complete response on our website, along with the full faa report as well as the raw video of flores' jump. it's at >> good information for people who are thinking about possibly doing that. just check things to be sure it's safe. >> thank goodness he was calm. >> oh. >> amazingly so. >> just talking as if he is just sitting in a coffee shop. hey, 13,000 feet, amazing. glad he is going to be okay. glad for the sunshine and beautiful weather. going on right now, heading out this evening and maybe you're taking the dog for a walk, taking the family out for a walk after dinner, mid- to upper 50s for many. concord 58, oakland 359. san francisco 52. tonight chilly. likely staying just above freezing but you can still get
6:47 pm
some frost around napa, fairfield and santa rosa. livermore down to 34. fremont 35. redwood city and mountain view in the upper 30s. radar is clear. we are one of the spots in the country that has been inactive with weather. the northeast got the blizzard. the southeast got. this take a look at this amazing video. hattiesburg, mississippi. look at that. that is actually my opinion a little too close to a tornado and not driving the opposite direction. looks like they are driving toward it more than anything else. this is the result of what happened from that tornado. i remember yesterday i was looking at the storm prediction center's website. about 65 people were injured. amazingly with the damage that you are looking at, nobody died. that's all that matters. so we're thankful for that. but a big tornado. 15 different tornado reports out of alabama and mississippi yesterday. we're talking about rainfall deficit. we have had very little activity. we could use a little rain. the deficit since the top of the year 5.25" of rainfall. if you go back to july since we
6:48 pm
had so much at the end of the year, we are only 1.25" deficit. water vapor up in the pacific northwest towards spokane and burns, oregon, that is where we have some moisture in the air. that would turn into cloud cover or rainfall in some spots. for us none of that. we won't have any of that anytime soon because this big dome of high pressure is taking that moisture sending it off to the east and every direction but here. so we'll have chilly mornings, sunny afternoons, and a gradual warmup as that high gets stronger and closer to us. some of you will get into the upper 60s. some of you will even hit 70 degrees by friday. that will be february 15th. you may hit 70 degrees. sunny through the weekend and temperatures will not be near freezing, 30s inland but not near freezing for the next several nights. sunnyvale 62 tomorrow. san jose sunshine 63. san ramon 62. concord tomorrow 62 degrees. kentfield 60. and alameda sunshine for your tuesday, 62 degrees.
6:49 pm
milder still wednesday, thursday and friday. upper 60s widespread in february. and we'll be dry all the way through the weekend into the top of next week. dennis has sports coming up next.
6:50 pm
what's that? when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit.
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just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. winless in it's last five games thomas greiss making his third start of the year... todd mclellan mig
6:52 pm
a tale of two seasons for the sharks. after 7 wins they are now winless in the last 5. todd mclellan might want to wait before giving him another one. the blue jackets 45 seconds into the game, columbus up 3-1 in the third and they blow it open with three goals in the final frame. sharks allow a season-high 6 goals. they fall to the blue jackets 6- 2. are you ready for this? the warriors had the day off but they still made national news unveiling their any ultimate jerseys the first-ever modern day short sleeves. warriors will wear them three times this season. that probably is enough beginning february 22nd against the spurs. [ laughter ] >> we want to be the stylish -- the most complete ones on and off the floor. and i think it's a win-win. now i finally realize why harrison was lifting weights today doing pushups. he knew he was going to be modeling. i think the fans will embrace how great the team looks.
6:53 pm
>> that's a great point. the biceps start coming out. [ laughter ] move over tiger and roy the favorite to win the masters might be brandt snedeker who held off the field over the weekend for the win in pebble beach and has now finished in the top 3 in four of the five tournaments this season. the locals i think all week were pulling for this guy, james hahn, the cal product tied for the lead heading into the final round. and while he did come up short of winning, the alameda kid finished tied for third and showed people his game is as strong as his dance moves. >> starting off the week, i was the youtube sensation. i was the guy that did the gangnam style dance but now i feel like i'm a decent golfer. golf pays better than youtube. but just having fun out there. any chance that i get to show my personality and know that you know, we're people too, you know, we like to have fun. we're not just chasing the ball
6:54 pm
around 24/7. >> he picked up $300,000 for the win. quarterback jamarcus russell won just 7 of 25 started with the raiders but the former number one pick is trying to shed the label as one of the biggest busts in nfl history. >> we are going to get comfortable with it again. yeah. absolutely. [ yelling in the background ] >> yeah. >> that is former 49er quarterback jeff garcia helping to train russell who as you can still see is -- needs to shed a few more pounds. russell has not played in the nfl since being released by the raiders after the 2009 season. now, if you were busy hanging ten with kelly this weekend, here's what you missed. >> let's it go -- score! >> wisconsin beats the buzzer to send the game to overtime where the badgers would knock
6:55 pm
off third ranked michigan. >> durant tips the pass off the side. that poor woman's head right there. oh. on the bright side, she got to meet the durantual one on one. have a nice trip see you next fall. "linsanity." alive and well last night in sacramento. the former palo alto star with the block on one end then throws it down over francisco garcia. the rockets in oakland tomorrow night. the annual shovel races in angel fire, new mexico. the winner was 45-year-old john schroeder who hit a top speed of 68 miles per hour and finished the course in 13.7 seconds. the contest got started when skiless operators would ride their shovels down the mountains at the end of the lifts. and you know, i hear paul over there, oh, ah. obviously have to be careful. >> high risk, high rewards. >> put your kiester --
6:56 pm
>> at 67 miles an hour? >> i don't think so. >> and everybody wipes out. it doesn't end well even if you win. >> shovel. >> liquid inspiration. >> prize money was $200. i don't know. >> buy a round. see you at 11. captions by: caption colorado
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: welcome back, welcome back. thank you for coming. thank you very much, everybody. hey, welcome to "family--" [audience cheering] come on. hey, welcome to "family feud", everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and boy, we got a good one for you today. returning for the 3rd day with a total of $20,785 from wooster, mass. it's
6:59 pm
the hughes boys. [cheering and applause] and it's a rematch, folks. we gotta do a rematch. there was a little slight incident with the term "running water". it could have been--so, hey, in all fairness, we're bringing the same family back, give 'em another shot at it. from seattle, washington, it's the williams family. [cheering and applause] let's go. give me jared, give me andrea. let's go. folks, here we go. we've got the top 7 answers on the board. we asked 100 single women, name something specific a woman might do at a bar to get a man's attention. andrea. >> smile. steve: smile. [cheering and applause] >> whoo! steve: pass or play? >> play. >> we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. [cheering and applause] clarence, the state trooper, ride motorcycles every day at

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